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Marvelous News for Too Many Moose!

Marvelous News for Too Many Moose!
Lisa M. Bakos - Wed Jun 08, 2016 @ 04:37PM
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TOO MANY MOOSE! by Lisa M. Bakos


by Lisa M. Bakos, illustrated by Mark Chambers
Age Range: 4 - 7

Many moose mean much merriment—or do they?

Little redheaded, freckled white Martha wants a pet. She consults several books and with great enthusiasm decides to get a moose. The match between Martha and moose is so felicitous that she goes online and orders “one more… // and one more and one more / until she had four!” But even four are not enough, and Martha keeps adding to her menagerie. The moose all happily participate in many activities, many of which start with the letter M: mixing up mud pies, solving math equations, making muffins, and dancing to a mambo beat. Alas, one day the many moose “run amok!” and make messes and mistakes. So back they go, via mail, except for the first moose. Bakos has written a humorous tale filled with rhythm and M-wordplay. Is it an object lesson in the chimerical nature of wish fulfillment or the dangers of online ordering? Maybe, but more than anything, this is great fun to read aloud and an entertaining ode to human-animal friendship. Chambers’ digital illustrations on a white background present moose that are animated, antic, and delightfully personable.

A pet is a good companion—in the singular not the plural. (Picture book. 4-7)

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Comments: 2


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